Monthly Best Of: June 2014

The truck is watching.
The truck is watching.

Here is some Monday reading material to start your week. I’ve gathered the best posts of the month of June based on most views and most likes. Enjoy!

(ordered from oldest to newest)

1. Picnicking At The Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR  

pittock mansion portland2
The view from the Pittock gardens.

2. Flowers From The Garden 

flowers portland

3. Travel Theme: Unexpected 

The Black and White Tree Lovers.
The Black and White Tree Lovers.

4. City Me VS Country Me 

city girl country girl.jpg

5. The Perfect City 

Painting by Thomas Pradzynski

6. A Lesson On Confronting Someone 

7. Finding Your Soulmate Is Easy 

8. Rome, A Tiny Dot In The Vast Amazingness of Italy 

rome italy7

9. Between Ganesha 

ganesh statues
An Indian boy standing between handmade Ganesh statues.

10. Green Mango Lassi With Sneaky Spinach 

mango lassi spinach4

11. Summer Solstice In Mt. Hood, Oregon 

mthood oregon lodge me

The “Most Views and Likes Award” goes to:

A Little Something Extra

train tracks india
A man accompanies the train tracks which otherwise might have been a plain sight.
Which was your favorite post of the month?

6 thoughts on “Monthly Best Of: June 2014

  1. You have had a big month Mani!


  2. I will never forget your post about confronting someone!! 🙂


    1. That’s quite a thing to say. 🙂 Makes me smile.


      1. 🙂 yaaay!! Looking forward to more of your stories! have a great day!


  3. Niceness, niceness, niceness! Or in other words, where is the triple like button when you need it? If this is June, I can’t wait for July 🙂 I’ve also visited Rome by the way and was thrilled when my history fell in love with the actual ancient ruins of this famous city; it was indeed a great trip.


    1. Thank you so much! If you are interested, here are the best posts from past months since Jan 2014:


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