Monthly Best Of: November 2014


This post came a day early as tomorrow is the last day of the month, but Sundays are for Weekly Small Pleasures posts.

Once again a whole month has passed so fast. On November of 2014 I toured a submarine, had a major hiking accomplishment, celebrated 4 years of marriage, saw my football team win many games (and lose a few), watched lots of Jeopardy, bought a ticket to fly to my hometown, celebrated the biggest Thanksgiving ever, gained muscle and heart strength through crossfit classes, started learning a ton about the gut-brain connection, overindulged a few times, and saw the first snowfall of the year.

Below are your top posts of November based on most views and likes, in case you missed any of them:

1. Top 5 Places I Have Been To 

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

2. Top 5 Places I Want To Visit 

Ushuaia harbor at night

Ushuaia harbor at night, Tierra del Fuego by Damien Roué

3. 12 Things I Dislike About Being An Expat In The USA

4. 15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon image source

5. Should I Become A U.S. Citizen? Green Card VS. US Citizenship

6. Air Travel Glossary: Airline Jargon Explained 

7. Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes (Vegan and Gluten-Free) 


8. Colorful Around The World 

Horse carriage in Mumbai
Horse carriage in Mumbai

9. Autumn in the Small City of Laconia, New Hampshire 

laconia new hampshire3

10. Destination: The Yucatan Peninsula Offers Something For Every Type of Traveler 

The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.
The fresh underground waters in a cenote in Cancun.

11. Cilantro Lime Hummus 

cilantro hummus2

Most Viewed Award Goes To:

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos! Everything You Need To Know About The Day of the Dead 

Day of the dead offering

Tamales on the left side of the altar as an offering. (Photo by Angélica Portales)

Most Liked Award Goes To:

Minimalism Around The World 

val disere skiing france11
Me and a friend after sliding down the snow, Val D’Isere, France
Which was your favorite post of the month?
Happy December!

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